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malcolm nash

A year ago I had a very bad chest infection on both lungs as well a asthma I was looked after really..


Last year my teenage daughter complained of a headache and a stiff neck as she went to bed. In the m..

Judith McGinn

Last month my 22 month grandson took ill through the night with croup and was rushed into the Prince..

Suzanne Larkin

I have twice been admitted to PRH for urgent surgery. First 2 prolapse Discs . 2nd being 6th April 2..


In the 13 years I've lived in Telford I've had course to visit PRH on many occasions from significan..


I a 66 years old and recently fainted at 1.30am at home. Visiting the Doctors the following day wit..

David Cooper

I have nothing but the highest praise for the staff at PRH, who quickly diagnosed my Heart Attack an..


Epileptic attack on a Saturday night at home watching t.v alone. Intermittant speech + dead arm o..

Suleena Kaul

My son fell and cut his forehead open, we went to A&E and he had 6 stitches. Don't know what we ..

raymond drakeley

I was admitted in 2010 following a heart attack at home, although it was Friday I received excellent..