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I had a accident at work which damaged my knee,ankle and other injuries, also a DVT and the hospital..

Gladys L Curley

Ever since the PRH opened we have used it for lot's of health emergency 's. Both out patients and i..

Liz Smyth

Have had many experiences at the PRH appendicitis, bad dog bite, broken tibia and foot, my cancer wa..

Douglas Dummett

In conjunction with the excellent services of ShropDoc I was admitted into PRH A&E at 0400hrs with a..


As I move into the autumn of my years, nature dictates that I will be in more need of help from the ..

James Walsh

Hi I'm Jim walsh. Just about a year again I was admitted to the PRH with breathing problems and wen..

Michael Street

In 1991 I left the RAF after 40 years service and went abroad to teach. I had to give that up after ..

Phil Morris-Jones

I had a heart-attack in April 2003, rushed to PRH taken care of and I am still here 13 years later.


I came to Telford in 1964, at that time our main hospital was in Shrewsbury. My wife and I had two s..


Both my Mum and Dad were cared for at the PRH in the last days of their lives. The staff were wond..