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Alison Snailham

After a stroke I was transferred to the Q.E for more specialist treatment...... An auto immune condi..

Eric Davis

My family and many others to the north, (eg - Market Drayton, Wem and Whitchurch) rely on the many s..


I had a asma attack when I was 8 years old and the Doctor said I was lucky to be alive, if I was any..


PRH has always been there for me and my family, seeing my daughter through from birth to adulthood, ..


My husband and I have had to use both PRH and The Royal Shrewsbury. I would definitely prefer to go..


My dad was asked to play cricket for fun cricket game in his late 60's but he got hit by the cricke..

Arthur Wilkinson

My wife and I are both elderly pensioners over the age of 75. My wife is registered disabled . Liv..


I haven't needed hospital treatment very much thank goodness,but when I did last year (2015) I was g..

jacqui chater

A few years ago I was vomiting yellow froth. My husband called an ambulance. I managed to get to the..

Carol Radforth

My mother suffered a massive stroke last year and was rushed to the PRH. Thanks to the scan and dru..