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Stephen Peattie

I had been having trouble with my knees for many years. Went to PRH saw consultant and now have a ne..


I am sure this has happened to so many families spouses, partners and friends but this is my story o..


My daughter has suffered with mental health issues and was a self harmer. She overdosed a number of ..

Terrence Jones

I have had 5 operations involving anaesthetic and a number of exploratory operations at PRH all with..

Mary Hillback

My husband suffered a stroke about 5 years ago and was taken to PRH within minutes of me calling fo..

Tony Barrow

Two life saving occasions personally for which I am most grateful and thankful for the professional ..


Just after I turned 30 I found a lump in my neck. I presumed it was just a lymph node and I was run ..


I had a heart attack a few weeks ago and was taken to PRH, could not have had better treatment. A..

Dawn owen

I have had a lot of illness over the last twenty years , and were it not for PRH I would NOT be her..

Scott Saunders

I have a disability known as BRITTLE BONES. If they shut or did anything to the PRH, I would have to..