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Peter Bohee

I have had excellent care and support on several occasions from PRH. From consultants to Nurses to..


I have experienced the A&E services over both sites and feel neither should be closed they are equal..

David Brown

My 96 year old mother was badly looked during a 2 week respite care and when I returned from holiday..


PRH A&E is important to me for many reasons. A) my work in care means that if a service user needs ..


My husband had kidney cancer and had a heart attack. He was very often taken into PRH A&E and I don..


In March I woke at 3am with heart problems. I live on the far side of Newport, within 20 minutes I ..

Jean Drew

I broke my wrist two weeks ago and, despite a wait in A&E was looked after by caring staff, right th..

David monk

Many stories the team at peg rescued part of my ear I.e sewed it back on they performed a knee opera..

Adrian Brown

Last year over a period of 6 weeks, I had a number of unexplained nose bleeds, some stopped after 20..

Roy Millerchip

My wife suffered a heart attack and the attention and care that she received at the PRH was exemplar..