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I've been fortunate only needing the occasional clinic appointment, but I am aware as I age things m..


They Took My Husband in on Christmas Eve and keep him stable until he could sent to the North Staffs..


Telford and it's immediate surroundings is the most industrious area in Shropshire. It is imperativ..


My husband and I were on our way back from northampton and my husband became unwell on getting close..

Raymond Teece

I have had many times when my wife and my self have been so grateful that we have the PRH . I have h..

sylvia bilboe

I have used their services over a period of 30yrs. but never so much as in the last five since movin..


My entire family have been supported by the wonderful staff at the PRH. Both my children were born v..

David Evason

I had a second heart attack about 10 years ago. I was taken to A & E by my wife and staff there save..

Mrs Carol Hughes

I fell in the house in January and knew I had broken my wrist. I was on my own at the time and coul..


I have been rush by ambulance on on two occasions to the PRH. The first time was with a heart condit..