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David Griffiths

Have COPD & have had to be taken by ambulance to A&E on numerous occasions 1 on more than one oc..


I worked at RSH when PRH was being built, spent a lot of time between the two providing endoscopy se..


I recently had to take my daughter to A and E via taxi. As a single mom I only just had enough money..


When I was around 13 or 14 years old I got optical cellulitis which meant I had to miss a whole 6 we..

Nicole Hallsworth

I delivered my baby girl at the PRH, 3 weeks early due to her being very small (and with me being ve..

Sally Green

PRH is a real credit to the NHS and primarily to the people of Telford whom helped build it with Com..

derek walford

So moving the a&e to shrewsbury no body has thought about stroke victims your going to kill some one..

susan curry

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 he was admitted the care he received was wonderful unfo..

Joanne newnes

My son nearly lost his life when his appendix burst two years ago. The Princess Royal children's uni..

Laura Watson

In December 2016 I gave birth to my youngest son Arlo, almost 4 months prematurely, weighing just 1...