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Natalie taylor

Both myself and my son use this hospital and couldn't get to Shrewsbury. I had a hysterectomy and t..


My grandson has epilepsy,we have used PRH too many times to say,if we had to go to Shrewsbury he wou..


The a and e department has always been there for me whenever I've needed it, which is normally out o..


Since moving to Newport 17 YEARS ago, my husband has been into PRH on many occasions. From a stroke ..


I've been diagnosed with ms a year ago. Before the knowledge of my diagnosis the hospital done every..


I was rushed into PRH on Wednesday 9th August 2017 suffering with palpitations & pain in the left up..

David Griffiths

Have COPD & have had to be taken by ambulance to A&E on numerous occasions 1 on more than one oc..


I worked at RSH when PRH was being built, spent a lot of time between the two providing endoscopy se..


I recently had to take my daughter to A and E via taxi. As a single mom I only just had enough money..


When I was around 13 or 14 years old I got optical cellulitis which meant I had to miss a whole 6 we..