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Natasha whitlock

The PRH saved my life last year when i had a stroke, I've also had several operations under the orth..

Tracey Hills

Hi I was admitted through A&E 2yrs ago February I had double pneumonia and only 48hrs to live.. Th..


both my wife and myself have been admitted in to PRH Telford and have always had the BEST attentio..

Victoria Preece

Although we are generally well and healthy as a family, the last 6 months has been a run bad luck he..

David Winch

My wife suffered a severe stroke early this year and as we were living in Market Drayton at the time..

Cheryl Dawes

The PRH is a must for Telford , I suffer from multiple allergys which affect my ever day life , I do..


Phr has helped me over the years involveing my eye appointments as i need perscribed contact lenses ..


in September 2016 I collapsed at home and ambulance was going to take me to the Royal Shrewsbury Hos..


About a year and a half ago i had pneumonia and was taken to the A & E at the PRH. I was well treat..


My Grandson life was saved after attending PRH if we had had to Shrewsbury he may not have been here..