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claire Fielding

After using the hospital last week when my father in law was admitted with chest problems, yesterday..

Angela Robins

It's important to keep the PRH open because of the importance to the community it is and it would be..


I had my baby in the new Women and child centre and it was very nice.The staff were knowledgeable an..

Sophie Demet-Jones

My 6 month old son has been to the paediatric assessment unit at the Princess Royal Hospial twice th..


My daughter has just had her first baby at PRH in the fantastic facilities provided you the Women an..

Christina Sherwood

In 2013 I was taken to the PRH by ambulance after I had called them whilst out shopping in Wellingto..


My father has had treatment for a heart attack, hip replacements and knee replacement over the last ..

Georgina Lowe

I had my baby girl here

Ruth Fairclough

I'm a Mum of 2, and been up to A&E with a broken finger, several dumped heads, stitches and a broken..

Jean Wright

Both my late parents had significant health issues for some time before they died. They needed close..