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I work in PRH in A & E it is my livelihood and can see how it is a boon to local people. Whenever I..


probably saved my life. having several heart attacks im fairly certain i would not have reached shr..

violet shevlin

had a knee replacement. staff were wonderful

Alan Smith

In 2013 I had Sepsis. PRH Doctors, Nurses, Tea Ladies and Cleaners saved my life.


A member of our family was the victim of a cardiac arrest while at home alone. Being relatively youn..


This hospital saved my life would have been dead if I had been taken to Shrewsbury the prh is a grow..


my youngest daughter has ddh and was treated at oswestry hospital by dr.freeman and now has 6months ..

Phil. White.

I have always received 100% from the Audiology Unit. Very pleasent staff very experienced and know..

Sarah gordon

Our little boy had a high temperature of 39.6 and I called 111 whilst on the phone to them his tempe..

james and rita king

both had either tia/stroke and minor operations. Excellent care particularly in A & E and Stroke Uni..