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My son was involved in a car crash. Taken to the PRH Telford, the staff were fabulous and so support..

John Anslow

My Wife Sandra had a breast cancer removal and the whole episode was eased by the comfort and knowle..

Terry round

I am a dialysis patient and I cannot begin to tell you how important prh is to me.i have to have fif..


My daughter was unfortunately knocked down just over a year ago and broke her upper arm. It took lot..

Margaret Wheatley

We came to live in Telford with our 2Children in 1973 No Hospital and campaigned for a New hospital ..


I work in PRH in A & E it is my livelihood and can see how it is a boon to local people. Whenever I..


probably saved my life. having several heart attacks im fairly certain i would not have reached shr..

violet shevlin

had a knee replacement. staff were wonderful

Alan Smith

In 2013 I had Sepsis. PRH Doctors, Nurses, Tea Ladies and Cleaners saved my life.


A member of our family was the victim of a cardiac arrest while at home alone. Being relatively youn..