Christina Sherwood

Lawley Village, Telford

In 2013 I was taken to the PRH by ambulance after I had called them whilst out shopping in Wellington. I had severe chest and back pain. After being admitted and several tests/scans it was discovered I had an aortic dissection. I have been advised this is a serious life threatening illness and quite rare, I needed to be in hospital and treated urgently. If the ambulance had to travel further I am not sure I would still be here. I have regular checks ups with the cardiologist , blood tests and scans, I would not be able to drive further than the PRH, for these tests, as since the surgery to replace the aorta I have lost my confidence in driving more than about 5 miles, I cannot afford to pay for transport too far away and I cannot rely on anyone to help me all the time. I have been advised recently there is a further problem with my heart and will probably result in further surgery, in the meantime if I should have any chest pains I am to call for an ambulance. I do not think my chances will be good if I had to be taken further than the PRH in the first instance. The PRH has to stay with all its services.