Natasha whitlock

Arleston, Telford

The PRH saved my life last year when i had a stroke, I've also had several operations under the orthopedic department on one of my hands also operation on one of my knees under the orthopedic department too, had loads of physio sessions on my hand, having physio sessions at the moment on my knee after having knee operation done in July, I've also been under a speech therapist to help get my speech back properly, without the operations i had at the PRH i wouldn't be able to use my hand, and wouldn't still be able to walk, without the PRH it would be too far for me to travel to any other hospital for hospital appointments that i still have going on. every department i have been under also the acute stroke ward have given me great support, also A&E department have been great who arranged for me to be seen by one of the orthopedic surgeons after having x rays done on my knee same week i was seen in A&E. The PRH is needed for people who live around Telford. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has helped me with my health problems