Tracey Hills

St Georges

Hi I was admitted through A&E 2yrs ago February I had double pneumonia and only 48hrs to live.. They really didn't think I'd pull through due to my lungs collapsesing I had less than a quarter of my 1lung left. So they admitted me ICU and put me in an induced coma. Two and a half weeks later they attempted to wake me up but due to panic they had to put me back in a coma. The second time I was a lot better. I was hooked up to everything and family said it was quite scary but It didn't end there! I had to learn to do everything again from learning to speak moving my arms and legs, learning how to feed myself to holding a cup and a lot more! They worked tirelessly to give me my mobility back! and being wheelchair bound I needed my arms to be able to get about. On returning home I still had issues with feeding myself, holding a cup and talking as my voice box was damaged from being tubed. But to me that was nothing compared to having my life back! I am only here today because of the work they put in to getting me better and I will never forget what they did for me... We all need this hospital regardless! People will die without it! I was very lucky to survive but that doesn't mean I'd be so lucky Next time! (if it was to happen again) Oh and not to forget the ambulance that got to me within 2 mins! So please help to save our hospital!