Victoria Preece


Although we are generally well and healthy as a family, the last 6 months has been a run bad luck health wise. My daughter's finger was shut in a door - A&E visit. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, suspected secondary cancer - all dealt with by PRH. I had a nasty fall and compound wrist fracture with surgery and still undergoing physio - all under PRH. So I have experienced multiple departments/areas of specialism in PRH and their patient care is excellent. I feel that I have been dealing with real people who care about their job. Having been admitted I saw first hand how hard the nurses work - despite often very difficult circumstances. The physio staff are an amazing team - they really stood out. Then on top of everything my partner had a head injury, whilst I was still with use of only one arm. He was knocked unconscious and had a seizure. The ambulance said we needed to go to Shrewsbury as it was a busy bank holiday in August and PRH couldn't take him. The trauma unit at Shrewsbury was indeed traumatic - only because the patient care was non existent. I was frightened and needing more information, reassurance and faster response. We waited 2 hours more than they advised for scan results because 'there is a shift change'. The nurse made me feel guilty for being there. I couldn't understand her. Her lack of empathy made the situation worse. It reminded me of the same was I felt when I was there for the birth of my children. I had to get my sick dad to drive over to collect us as taxis were so busy, not ideal. He was okay in the end, but when you think you are going to lose someone you need empathy, fast response and information. I didn't get this from Shrewsbury and it was the most stressful situation I have ever faced. PRH services are vital; not just to my family but the whole community. The locality of this hospital is fundamental. The ambulance services alone could not cope if emergency services went to Shrewsbury - they struggle as it is. The idea is madness. I've worked my entire life and would love to see more money allocated to health services and less spend in other less critical areas. The fact that this is even put on the table in the first place is staggering and beyond belief. It just doesn't make sense. Health and care must always be the priority. Everything else is secondary. It really is that simple. PRH is my local hospital - my family and I need this. The last 6 months has made me realise just how much.