The a and e department has always been there for me whenever I've needed it, which is normally out of normal GP hours! Without it, the time I had to call an ambulance out for a family member in the middle of the night, we would of been sent all the way to Shrewsbury! Somewhere where it's not easy to get to if you don't know where your going and she would of been admitted to. Luckily she went to Telford and was admitted and cared for a week afterwards. To put into context what could happen to many if we lost our a & e and we had to travel to Shrewsbury, last year my grandma was taken to Shrewsbury and was kept there for a week, the service was lacking and we weren't given information until we asked directly, we were told they didn't think she would survive to the next day. We made them aware we lived in Telford a good 25 minutes drive and to ring if they thought we needed to come in. We got a call at 1am to say to come in it wasn't looking good, so we got in the car and drove there as quickly as possible so she could be with her family and not strangers. Red lights seemed to come up at every juction and round about! When we finally got there we were told we were 5 minutes to late and she had passed away. Imagine instead of us that that was somone in an ambulance or you were taking someone yourself to a & e in Shrewsbury from Telford, who has a serious or life threatening injurey, that half an hour was all it took for someone to die! It is not plausible nor is it acceptable for telford to have to commute such a journey to a hospital that isn't even under there council jurisdiction. Cause that's another thing you have to deal with, if the person dies outside of Telford, you have to go to a Shropshire office to register their death. For us we had to go to Ludlow cause we couldn't get an appointment in Shrewsbury. Please stop them from taking our a and e away from us, cause if they do they will be sending many patients to there death on the long journey.