Since moving to Newport 17 YEARS ago, my husband has been into PRH on many occasions. From a stroke to several operations. The care he has received there has been wonderful. The last time he went in, the Urology had been moved to Shrewsbury. And to get there to visit from where we live, is terrible. As an elderly couple altho I drive takes a good 45 minutes .But if I didn't drive transport there takes forever ,or would have to have taxi or rely on someone to take me,,, We just can not understand why the powers that be ,think this is ok. Thought the NHS WAS SHORT OF MONEY, but they have just spent a large amount on the Mother and childrens unit at PRH, and now at great cost want to move it at even greater cost ,to build a new one at Shrewsbury.. There is a huge amount of development in and around where we live and surrounding area of Telford , we cant see why, these people seem to think Shrewsbury is the best place, for OUR main hospital..!!!!