I've been diagnosed with ms a year ago. Before the knowledge of my diagnosis the hospital done everything possible to figure out my symptoms. Along with tingling in my hands and feet, fatigue, memory loss, lack of special awareness (resulting in a cut and bruised eye) the worst was not being able to speak properly (slurring words), suspected stroke (half my face was numb) plus I went completely blind in one eye. Prh gave me every test possible; brain scan, neck scan, chest scan, MRI scan, heart monitor, lumbar puncture 🤢 Eye tests, you name it I've had it 😬. I have my own personal ms nurse that I visit every 6 months and I also have a blood test whilst I'm there so they can determine my medication isn't damaging instead of helping. I recently saw my neurologist for my yearly review and he has kindly booked me another MRI scan to check any progression of this incurable disease. I have to inject myself every week with a DMT (disease modifying treatment) in the hope this will slow any progression. Without the support of the NHS and my local prh life would be even more difficult and stressful than what it already is. I need the prh and NHS more than ever before.