Nicole Hallsworth


I delivered my baby girl at the PRH, 3 weeks early due to her being very small (and with me being very stressed during the pregnancy)... we were worried about her, due to her brother being born 5 years prior with a Neuroblastoma. We also had a still born daughter in September 2013. (still born daughter was due to Trisomy 5P) Once my daughter was born in October 2015, the Oncology team were notified of her birth, they came into the maternity unit, within the women's centre to see if I wanted her to be checked for a Neuroblastoma (because of her brother.). I was treated with such care and respect, the staff were brilliant... not only with the cancer issue, my daughter was also diagnose with severe jaundice and had to be under a lamp for 3-4 days.. when I was released from the hospital with my new daughter, the aftercare from the midwives was fabulous.. they visited me daily to check my daughter's jaundice and they gave me so much information to help her. Now I use the Children's women's centre regularly for my son's oncology check ups and with dealing with his paralysed leg caused by the cancer. .