Lucy Phillips


March 1st 2016 I went to put the kettle on, only to experience the most horrendous pain in my head. I can only liken this to being hit with a baseball bat. I went to my local GP who immediately phoned an ambulance and I was taken to PRH. I was quickly assessed but couldn't have pain relief until I had a scan. The staff were so friendly and reassuring. Eventually the doctor saw me and explained that I had a suspected brain haemorrhage. I was then taken straight for a scan and was diagnosed with a significant brain bleed. The doctor explained I would need to be transfered. There were no beds available in Stoke or Birmingham so I was blue lighted to Liverpool's Walton Centre. Before, this the nurses were in contact with Liverpool and we're able to give be pain relief and start me on the medication I required to reduce the bleeding. The ambulance crew were so friendly and made me feel safe in their hands. If it wasn't for the quick reactions of my GP, the hospital and ambulance staff I can't be sure I'd still be here to wrote this.