hannah morris


I had my first child in march 2015 and I can't thank prh enough there care from start to finish was brilliant, I like many mothers had a miscarriage previously and this had caused me to be more anxious than normal. I had regular scans and monitoring from around the third trimester due to reduced fluid around baby, it was decided then that I would be consultant led. At 38 weeks a had issues with reduced movement and it was decided that baby would be induced that day. From the moment I stepped into the women's and children's unit I was treated with such care and compassion, my midwife and everyone else involved were fabulous, everything was done so professionally and with the greatest care and attention, despite a little low blood pressure there were no complications i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she weighed 5lb7ozs which is a low birth weight, we were moved to transitional care where we had more amazing care and support. I am now pregnant with my second and due to the issues with my daughter is am consultant led again which I am really happy about and I am more than confident they will do an amazing job this time around to. I have read and Seen the report regarding errors made costing lives, it's devastating and I hope the right measures are put in action. But I strongly believe moving the women's and children's unit won't help one bit, the issue isn't about the location and it was a problem that started before the move. Let's fight to keep our women and children unit and critical care open and focus on making improvements on training and supporting our hard working NHS staff.