Mr K A Lala


We live right across the road from PRH, which is about 5 to 10 minutes' walking distance from our home. Why should we travel to Shrewsbury for any necessary treatment viz. A & E or Children's treatment? The drive itself to Shrewsbury Hospital from Telford is very dangerous considering the volume of traffic. Just imagine, when there is an emergency to get anybody to hospital as quickly as possible; and to travel a long distance in dire straits is horrendous! In 2010, when I had severe chest pain at around midnight, our local GP referred us to PRH. My wife was able to take me there because it was near our home. However, after my admission into hospital, my wife felt very vulnerable and worried because the car park was deserted. There was no way to contact her to ascertain that she got home safely. While in hospital, I was more worried about her safety than my condition. She could not have been able to take me to Shrewsbury on her own at that time of night let alone during the day. The people residing in the ivory towers do not realise what difficulties others are going through. WE ALL LIVING IN TELFORD NEED OUR PRH VERY MUCH. We need PRH because Telford is expanding very quickly with very many NEW houses being built. Where will people go?