JULIE A Worley


Where do I start? I remember the days when all we had was the Wrekin hospital and I remember what it could not do for me. I miscarried a baby girl at six months taken to the Wrekin first they could do nothing, losing a lot of blood and in agony I had to endure the journey to Shrewsbury. I broke my spine on an accident and again had to endure the ride to Shrewsbury at a crawl speed so my spine might be saved and being able to feel my spinal fluid running up and down my back at every slow down, speed up and curve. Agonising. This week my daughter was cared for and her baby delivered at the Women's and Children's unit. This is a vital service to a fast growing community. Closing services at Shrewsbury and moving to Telford or closing Telford and moving to Shrewsbury makes absolutely no sense. Plus people Will die on the extra journey time. Keep our hospital services open!!