Stirchley, Telford

I have visited A&E twice with fractured bones, one of which required in patient surgery and physiotherapy. Elsewhere in the hospital, I had an endoscopy to check for bowel cancer. My daughter suffered a deep laceration to her arm when she was ten years old. It was Sunday evening. She was assessed in A&E and operated on at the PRH that evening -spending the next couple of days in the Pediatric Ward. My grand daughter required life saving surgery at the PRH when she was just a baby. More recently, my grandson made an unexpected arrival at the PRH, late one Sunday evening. The PRH is such a vital facility for so many, but I would suggest that the brutal fact of the matter is that whilst Telford is one of the fastest growing conurbations in the country, a significant percentage of its citizens lack literacy skills or are not IT literate. Please note that their stories might best be harvested differently, but don't for one moment doubt that they have them for that would be to overlook a potentially significant and vital contribution.