My mom was admitted to the PRH in October 2006. She had a mild stroke, but contracted pneumonia and passed away on 5 November 2006. The care my mom received in the three weeks she was in hospital was wonderful. The nurses were so kind and extremely helpful. They went out of their way to assist in whatever way they could. Because we were visiting everyday, it became like another family. The nurses and doctors work so hard looking after each one of the patients. My partners dad was also admitted in 2008/09 to PRH following a bowel cancer operation. He was there for 17 weeks on one occasion. The same level of support was there for him to. On this occasion my partner was taking his mom twice a day. This meant many a mealtime spent in the lovely resturant between visiting times. I would like to thank everyone for their brilliant hard work and kindness. Keep up the good work!