My son was involved in a very serious road traffic accident and was left lying in the road after being hit by a car. He sustained extremely serious life threatening injuries. He was taken to the PRH emergency unit where they resuscitated him and put him on life support. The expertise and professionalism of the PRH medical staff undoubtedly saved his life. Having the hospital locally and being able to get to there quickly was vital. If we had had to travel further afield then my son would not have survived. The PRH has to stay, complete with its accident and emergency unit. If it is closed, or it's services broken up and moved, then it is a fact that peoples lives will be put in danger. Everyone in Telford must support this campaign to save the PRH, because one day, this could be your story. Don't think it always happens to someone else - sometimes it happens to you and that's when you realise just how important these services are.